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  • Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State arrived the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Saturday at 10 p.m. after months of medical treatment in the United Kingdom.

    Suntai later addressed newsmen at the Gen. Theophilus Danjuma’ s guest house in Asokoro, Abuja.

    He said: “I just arrived in Nigeria a...


  • By Ela Rose: Letting Go
    By Ela Rose: Letting Go As I sit here writing this, it seems like the words never really can come together, I haven't written a post since because I have been thinking of the right ways to put this. In any case, I have decided to write it the way it has been flowing through my head. My post today is about setting the captive in your mind free, because I have realized that we all hold various grudges in mind or resentment for one…
    Written on Monday, 21 July 2014 22:49 in Parliament
  • By Ela Rose: Colors, colors, colors
    By Ela Rose: Colors, colors, colors Colors, colors, colors. The more you see, the more you want to see. But when it comes to choosing your wedding colors – the unique palette that will bring together your choice of flowers, bridesmaids dresses and table linens – the possibilities can start to become a bit overwhelming.Choosing Wedding ColorsIf you haven’t yet finalized your choice of colors, the key is to choose just ONE color to begin with. It could be your favorite color, like purple or pink,…
    Written on Friday, 20 June 2014 23:00 in Parliament
  • By Obinna Akukwe: Another Nyanya Bomb Blast! Traffic Hold-Ups and Politically Cursed Residents
    By Obinna Akukwe: Another Nyanya Bomb Blast!  Traffic Hold-Ups and Politically Cursed Residents Bomb blast in Nyanya again, few meters from the spot of the earlier blast. Just last week I had warned in a piece titled ‘Nyanya Bomb Blast-Ttraffic Hold-Ups and Politically Cursed Residents ‘ that the traffic holdups experienced by Nyanya residents due to clueless military checkpoints is a security risk. Of course government and security agents failed to listen to the voice of reason until another blast sent at least 40 persons (according to eye witnesses) unprepared to either heaven…
    Written on Saturday, 03 May 2014 00:56 in Parliament


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  • Uganda discovers more oil
    Uganda discovers more oil The estimate of Uganda’s petroleum resource base has almost doubled with an additional three billion barrels in the Albertine region, the commissioner of Petroleum Exploration and Production Department (PEPD) has revealed.Ernest Rubondo said the country’s oil resources increased from 3.5 to 6.5 billion barrels while the recoverable oil scaled up slightly, from 1.2 billion barrels to 1.4 billion barrels. “The new figures were arrived at after evaluation of data collected from the fields during appraisal,” he explained. “Previously the recoverability was calculated based on analogues, other fields in the world and a 30 per cent average.” The commissioner said the ball was now in Uganda’s court to think and come up with technology to develop its oil resources.His announcement came at a recent conference organised by LeO Africa Forum in Kampala under the theme 'Resource Management: Making Oil Work for Africa'. Mr Rubondo further stated the country was likely to produce oil beyond the commonly accepted 30 years timeline. The 30-year period, he clarified, is used only in reference to the oil resources in the country’s 21 discovery wells. He said the much awaited forthcoming licensing round is expected to bring on board new oil resources which will extend the…
    Written on Sunday, 07 September 2014 21:34 in Business and Economy Read 954 times
  • By Ela Rose: Bridal Hairstyles for Ebony Women this Ember Season
    By Ela Rose: Bridal Hairstyles for Ebony Women this Ember Season In light of the fact that there are many ebony brides weddings this season, I have been trying to think or imagine what hairstyle will suit their faces, or attires for the wedding. Well, today's article is a little something to help out on that, so you need not to worry. Everything in todays write up is an old wine poured in a new cup. Okay, lets go. Number one: The Oval Face You have a face shaped like an egg, your facial structure is strong, you have high cheek bones, or your face is shaped like the end of a spoon, then yes you fall under this category, now what you want to do is to draw attention to the striking features of your face, even though no matter what hairstyle you have on, it would still look pretty, we suggest a bun or a hair lift as shown below, they look best, make your neck seem longer, help balance your shoulders out for a graceful look and if you have big or broad shoulders, it makes your shoulders appear slimmer and firm. Oval face 1 Oval face Number two: The Love Face Your face is shaped like a…
    Written on Saturday, 06 September 2014 11:30 in Arts & Culture Read 992 times

Popular News

Suspicions, drama over Governor Suntai’s state of health

14 September 2014

Nothing really may have changed in the health condition of ailing Taraba state governor, brain damaged from an aircraft crash since October 2012. This is...

FG says all Jonathan support groups are voluntary

12 September 2014

The Federal Government said in Abuja on Friday that all groups clamouring for the return of President Goodluck Jonathan were independent and did so...

Zambia bars entry for citizens from Nigeria, other Ebola countries

09 August 2014

LUSAKA (AFP) – Zambia has banned the entry of citizens from countries hit by the deadly Ebola virus, which is ravaging nations to the...

Why I want to govern Delta, by Okocha

28 July 2014

Delta State gubernatorial aspirant, Mr. Peter Okocha, has said that his vision to govern the state was borne out of passion to return the...

Mohammed Najeeb appointed International Ambassador for Peace

04 July 2014

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Najeeb, Director General, International Human Rights Organization, Nigerian Chapter and Group General Manager of Savannah Suites, Area 3, Garki, Abuja has...

Pope excommunicates Italian Mafia members

22 June 2014

(CNN) -- Using his strongest language to date, Pope Francis told Italian Mafia members on Saturday that they are excommunicated from the Catholic Church. "Those...

Nigeria under siege: Deadly blast hits Nigerian city of Jos Again

25 May 2014

An explosion in the central Nigerian city of Jos has killed at least three people in a suicide attack, police say. Police said the blast...

South Africa: President Jacob Zuma inaugurated in Pretoria

24 May 2014

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has been sworn into office for a second term, following his party's victory at the polls. The African National Congress...

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